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Questions About Hospice

When is it the right time for hospice? / When should hospice be considered?

We made a special guide specifically to answer this question. Click HERE to view

Who is eligible for hospice services?

Anyone who has a life limiting illness and is anticipated to have six months to live will qualify for hospice care.

Will I be moving into a hospice?

Most hospice patients are living in their home while receiving hospice care. In fact, most of the hospice care delivered in the United States is provided to patients living in their own home. Many hospices also offer an inpatient option, a facility. Horizon Hospice has a beautiful facility option in Mequon for those patients requiring round-the-clock care or who prefer an inpatient situation. Horizon also offered hospice care to patients living in nursing homes, assisted living, or hospitals.

How is hospice care paid for?

Most hospice care is paid for by insurances.

  • Medicare (T-18) – Medicare hospice care is covered under traditional Medicare Part A. There is no deductible or co-pay for hospice care. If you have an HMO and sign on to Medicare the hospice care will revert to traditional Medicare for payment.
  • Medicaid (T-19) – Wisconsin Medicaid also covers hospice care. Whether or not you have any responsibility for payment is determined by your contract with the Medicaid program. Commercial Insurance – Most insurance plans offer hospice coverage. It will be important to contact your carrier to determine your coverage.
  • Long-term Care Insurance- Long-term care insurance usually covers additional supportive care if personal needs are beyond what the hospice offers. This type of insurance varies by policy and needs to be reviewed specific to each situation.

What type of services do hospices provide?

Hospice care includes nursing, social services, bereavement, aide, and spiritual care. Your medications related to your terminal illness are included as are your equipment needs. The members of your team will see you as needed.

What type of care is not provided by hospice?

Custodial care such as meal preparation, cleaning, and supervision are not services that hospice care covers. It is possible to receive that care from Horizon through our In-Home Caregivers program.

How do I find out more and if I or my loved one qualifies?

Call: 414-365-8300

Ask for a hospice intake nurse. They are available seven days a week 8-5PM.